Professional Services

The Medium Mountain Guide carries out the following activities professionally:
1) Accompanying people on excursions and trekking mainly in the mountains, with the exclusion of glaciers and all itineraries that require the use of climbing techniques and materials for progression;
2) teaching of hiking techniques;
3) the teaching of respect for nature through its direct contact and educational activities in schools, cooperatives and associations in order to help enhance the Italian environmental heritage;
4) It is a fundamental partner in the communication, dissemination and usability projects of the territories themselves;

The Medium Mountain Guide has the task of protecting the safety and security of their students / customers and, as an environmental interpreter, of illustrating the cultural, natural and anthropogenic characteristics of the mountain area covered.

The AMMs are the voices par excellence of green, environmentally friendly and sustainable tourism. Their activity favors a tourism of excellence characterized by a high environmental quality, in the name of culture and local specificities.

For completeness, the document concerning the "Professional Profile of the Mid-Mountain Guide" drawn up by the National College of Alpine Guides is attached to the following link. Professional profile